Jilliahsmen Trinity charged by the House of Rothschild.

April 25, 2018

Evelyn de Rothschild - England's most prominent financier and most active member of the wealthy Rothschild banking dynasty files charges against Jilliah Corporations pertaining to the insufficient terminology atop the Jilliahsmen Trinity Book that is customarily typical of fictitious publications created for entertainment purposes only. The lack of such language disclaiming all persons and references made within the book leaves open arguments of defamation on the grounds of negligence. Jilliahsmen Trinity, a book franchise, based on the premise of a secret science fiction school, prominently features the Rothschild Family atop the pyramid of gangs that attend this school to govern the mind body and souls of all existence across the universe.

Exhibits of the book reveal defamations are not restricted to the wealthy power House of Rothschild. Also featured within the pyramid of intricate gangs making waves at this school are Druids, Jesuits, Zionists, Monarchs, Bankers, Skull and Bones, Knight Templars. House of Windsor, House of Rockerfella, the list goes, including every major bloodline synonymous with high finance capitalism and illuminati theology.

The Jilliahsmen Trinity Book, set to retail to the Harry Potter market for a brave $150.00, not having taken the slightest step to alter the full names, places and elements referenced within it, for the benefit of the slightest authenticity has conjured more than the slightest enemy.

Ross Larsen, Bloomberg 

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